Why Choose us to Beetle Clean Your Mount

  • No Bone Damage
  • Only Natural Skull Shrinkage
  • Fat is not Boiled into the bone
  • High Quality Mounts
  • Great Product for your $

Why We Degrease with Commercial Grade Degreasers?

  • To eliminate your trophy “yellowing” over time.

What is Plasticizing?

  • We use a product that not only seals, but permeates the bone making it stronger and more Stabile.
  • This product makes cleaning your mount much easier. We whiten your trophy using Commercial Grade Whiteners.
  • This makes the whitest possible product.

How is your trophy mounted to the plaque if you choose to purchase one from us?

  • We mount your skull to the plaque/panel using professional grade inserts.
  • Your mount is easily removed for cleaning.