Skull Prep and Shipping

*Fill out the contact information contained in the link below.

*Highlight or circle the services you would like on the work order form.

*Place the above information in a zip lock bag along with your 50% deposit on all work you want us to do to your trophy.

*Remove the skull from the animal (leaving the last vertebrae). Do not saw the back of skull. (See special instructions below for Deer Family from CWD States)

*Freeze the skull for at least 3 days prior to shipping.

*Wrap the skull in a plastic bag.

*Wrap the bag covered skull generously in newspaper and place in another bag.

*Cover antler tips with paper to protect them from piercing the shipping

*Write our address on the shipping container and ship UPS.

*Call us and leave a message so we will know when to expect your trophy.

*We will call when the mount is complete and inform you of return shipping charges and the remainder of your bill that is due.

****No skull (for Western/European Mounts) from members of the deer family (Deer, Elk, Moose) can be accepted from a CWD Identified State (See Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks link) without the following steps being completed PRIOR to shipping/transporting from that state:
1)    Brain completely removed (do not cut the skull cap)
2)    Eyes removed
3)    Tongue and Lymph Nodes Removed
Please call or email us if you need assistance/tips on how to complete these tasks.