Grouse (Hungarian,Quail, Chukar)


Grouse (Sharptail,Dusky,Ruffed,Sage)


Grouse (dancing, drumming, strutting)




Small Ducks (teal)


Larger Ducks (Mallards etc…/Sea Ducks)


Wood Ducks/Mandarin




Turkey (add $75.00 for strutting)


Pheasant Tail Mounts with Plaque


Turkey Tail / Beard Mounts with Plaque


Turkey Shoulder with tail


Basic Base included . Custom habitats are available and are our specialty!!!!

*Federal Regulations require that all migratory game birds we accept have the following included on a tag attached to the trophy:
1) Signature of the hunter
2) Hunters name and address
3) Date of the kill
4) Number and species of the bird
DO NOT  bring hawks, owls and /or songbirds to the shop without proper permits. These are protected by federal law.